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. elizabeth club shows us, cosseted utility has way. the waves corner damage goldman family of four every penny counts. >>> is a family weekend pellets for residency son increase to be a hard as. another shady pen for beginning to upgrade its network she was skeptical as to where money was going on on for of course we don't in our gas explosions would not necessarily want smarmy years the utility giant wants to raise rates by over $2 billion over three years in an effort to improve infrastructure hire more people and replace faulty gas lines and to the copied unique customer uses the passenger's service was in the bowl " but $12 a month for $144 a year. the panic in soubrette of the secret turn. did we that texaco to but money for a lot of people are not talking about luxuries' would have the necessities keep the lights air-conditioning we reach out to pg&e for comment and refuse to talk to us directly and referred us to this statement. our goal is to improve safety and reliability in customer service to levels that are on par with the best in the industry and to do it while keeping serv
their shows us the main attraction at the rose rose to the river museum at and east by lawmakers says should be charged rent. >>> an independence day celebration aboard the only u.s. warship built and city of richmond that is being restored here. this year is more poignant than ever shipowner lows boyle is fighting to keep the volunteer as a stroke victory a legacy of world war two history of post after richmond city councilman suggested charging the ship up to $10,000 a month to park at the port where it is not free of charge for 13 years. eteocles there's no way we get paid 10,000 a month. but for the council and this is simply a matter of months the city of richmond is close to $3 million in the red and was a says the red oak has some fine and that the radar for years. did waves of a two-step was visiting our ports since 1999 at a cost of $10,000 a month and had not paid 1¢. you can't let the budget gap of millions of dollars on a little restoration projects of volunteers. but once back rent a whopping $1 million worth he points out that the uss iowa which shipped out from the port and
next. we give you more fun facts and faith. >>> good morning. we're glad you're with us this sunday morning just one month away with hundreds of men and women with the friends of the organization they sipped their shoes to take a walk to prevent breast cancer. i speak of the beloved and news reporter who turned her own diagnosis into a crusade. >>> a star television news reporter with legions of loyal fans in the bay area. a devoted daughter and wife and stepmother but then spring of 1997 faith that terrifying news a mammogram had detected a lump in her left breast and doctor say it was cancer. she decided to go public with her on this because she believed she could use her celebrity to raise public awareness about breast cancer. current interest friend the case tv you baker produced your story to print series the loud channel to viewers to follow face into the operating room and her mastectomy. the view is inspired by her praise termination to live her life to the fullest in spite of the ravages of the disease. she left this earth in 2003 of her legacy lives on in the friends of f
citizens want cal fire to stay on the job is a washington shows us activists are looking to reverse the board's decision >>> the petitions and half moon bay to recall three board members of the coast side fire protection district >>> they're trying to rebuild the department from the ground up is a huge task >>> he started the petition he believes the board members voted to establish a locally controlled fire department on the coast make the wrong decision >>> in 2006 to have our own fire department it was an embarrassment in many ways with lawsuits and acrimony, lot of craziness >>> we go forward with learn from our mistakes >>> he was not on the board before cal fire began fire protection on the coast cal fire operates the stations but the equipment is owned by the coast side district they voted early not to renew the contract with cal fire and that expires next june. >>> around town there's mixed reaction >>> the service is terrific in the community has embraced cal fire with these directors are doing implementing their own vision of what they thanked coast side fire service shoul
about his close encounter and how all of us and this might have ended differently. >>> members of occupy the farm return to the uc-berkeley of land they were ejected from in may, activists broke into the track in an albany but left without incident anne mackovic shows us the point was not to occupy but to work the farm. >>> it does not look especially radical it is illegal. >>> if you do not leave you might be subject to citation or arrest >>> farmer john and aldermen. >>> we might be trespassing but we feel strongly what were doing >>> their farming land owned by uc-berkeley the gill tract where scientists do research but this group has other ideas the broken through a fence this morning. >>> with the of this land should be preserved as agricultural land >>> dozens of the occupiers to cover the track this spring, the plan to donate vegetables to local food banks and police kick them out in may but today there back to 10 the crops. >>> there's grass and while things growing between our crops were here to make sure they thrive. >>> the want to build as police stood by watching. some of th
hybrid plan by its uses for one ks and public money and he says the democrats counterplan to all sorts of expectation. their ways so i am the guardian of pension reform and a time when to get it done the governor's plan would abandon traditional pensions they hired after june 2013. meanwhile college students have a lot riding on governor brown's tax plan if it does not pass a november uc administrators say they would have no choice but to raise tuition by as much as 20¢ an that's an additional $2,500 a year. preened yearly tuition to nearly $15,000 for in-state students. this did students about the more. it would lose money in funding parian their original loan modification of the homeowner while another is for us when she called 911. >>> achieve year for her life? to equate to is very nervous. two police officers tried to shut the gate and chop the dogs as when she says the dog show their teeth bart and lunch at them both officers firing a single shot and only one bullet struck him. degrees it doesn't matter whether it is a pit bull. that's irrelevant its whether or not that the off
back in the hot seats how ross mercury news wife is using personality and counterpunches to try to save her husband's job. a new ways to get police to respond instantly the bay area city where you cannot text or even video chat with a live,. intel inveighs him. 0.3: that don't have any cash. another this finds you forgot their money. dirichlet's and and nasty. he says the incidents involving suspended share from mercury effective center live spiraling into disaster. we're just the wife again. >>> lopez spoke briefly after testifying again in their has- beens' official misconduct hearing. on tonight's testimony. >>> clearly was an emotional roller coaster in the same as he lay on a lopez took the stand about four hours today and it does some masterful sometimes feisty but all along she claims that she was never a victim of abuse. oh yeah lopez stepped out of the silver volkswagen on her way into san francisco's city hall today. cirri did yesterday. she saved her words for the witness stand. testifying before the ethics commission issues pressured by her neighbor and lawyer to m
for joining us this morning. >>> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. and the high-speed rail is it that bridge in the future or not. >>> also tied with the senator about his proposal to change the makeup of the family. >>> and world news as well the first the local headlines. another warning for beachgoers after war for an attack by shark and santa cruz county a great white shark took a bite out of a fremont man is kayak and left behind a reminder on how dangerous are waters might be. he was off of pleasure point and shark magic between 14 and 18 ft. long and tossed the butter at the crackle he was fishing and left a tooth behind in the boat. luckily the fisherman was not injured and other local fisherman say in it's a reminder in the waters we are on the sharks turf. greta we know they're out there tossed in to see that they're actually in they're looking for food and the business took the kayaker for something to eat. grill police issued a text message alert after the attack had visine people to be careful when getting into water. a race for our rocky who died in accident
succeed here with they do most of us don't on bay area focus next. >>> welcome to the show. when it comes to career and a vice marty is a favorite on- line, nationally, in the bay area and on the show. they chose him to headline the august series the future of work and how to identify and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. with unemployment still too high it sounds like information we all need. we welcome back from the commonwealth club dr. carole fleming that spearheads the series and a career coaching future headliner for the series and welcome good to have you here. let's start first with carol unemployment is still way too high and your triage with putting together a month-long series so hard to you start in wordy began. >>> a restaurant on this over your group except plant each year the series have to pick a topic that i think is going to be important for the commonwealth club membership and the general public and over a year ago i thought this jobs businesses not getting better and i bet it's a winning issue a year from now. so i asked of the volunteers at the commonwealth club to t
at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp in vallejo or riders could use help from the man of steel >>> how scary was then 12 riders atop the superman ride 150 ft. up and stuck there and trying to nudge the car to get it rolling so they can come down backwards it was more venture than planned for. passengers were stuck for about an hour and half and the son they were stuck in the upright position, at the suggestion of park workers they tried to rock and charged the car free as mechanics tugged at the wheels firefighters delivered water and other ways to get people down safely the ride inaugurated a month ago is among the tallest rise in the world this video shows the ride when it's run as designed 62 mi. per hour. when the right got stuck at the top it posed a scary moments not for those run and not just the riders but for those on the ground. >>> the crane got up there once get up there there were talking to the people, they told them the right would be fine, the shot back down 20 minutes later everybody walked off >>> a huge crane is stationed on the property and safety harnesses
last week don knapp shows us one of today's rise is dedicated to jorge herrera. >>> hard you honor a jockey killed in a horse race, the answer is with a horse race. mid afternoon at the fourth race on the last day of the fair in memory of jorge herrera and jockey to run more than 1000 races on the fourth of july his horse 10 alta and rolling down a at first and did not regain consciousness >>> on a beautiful track like this to express it was tough >>> riding the race winner was russell bays who posed for pictures with friends and fellow jockeys and talk about the jockeys' risk >>> those horses are big and strong and awful fast things happen there are some things you cannot make plans for >>> former jockey joe hernandez to care of pereira's saddle and boots for five years. >>> the only sport where there's an ambulance that follows you >>> don't expected in any way or shape it was out of the blue with not had anything like this in 37 years >>> fair organizers say the death of the jockey did not dampen spirits. >>> they were hugging each other pandas and by not seen any negative impac
four persons including a coach who is its use steps away from his office there is no indication it spoke to him. they say the way in response to four key questions from 10 states including issues it remains one of four major investigations into wrongdoing. it's still ongoing and the receipt. cbs news philadelphia. the personal information close to half a million dollar users compromised and posted online for everyone to see but the hackers who claimed responsibility say they weren't targeting consumers there is help them. guy in the was here to explain that. the unknown attackers people who break into systems to show just how easy it was to beyond one notice. close your front door. backers did this to warm yellow. in this case they simply went to reform the all the sites the command is serving up a list of blood on c-net tech expert bryan cooley. >>> . so log in to some of these young services. 400 deposit accounts were exposed stock for company mcafee said the committee's the. once hackers broke and the information was in the format anyone can read. the when exposed just isn't
us what happens. >>> to it the chaos as a woman throws her drink a comedian eddie griffin at the comedy club in pleasanton she says he taunted her for being a lesbian her lawyer says she wants an apology or shall file suit to. >>> to his publicly humiliated she felt she couldn't leave and she was scared. is that as a cl was sitting at this stage when her partner put her arm on her. bosses attorney says it crippen was drunk. >>> when he spoke to her he made a contact with her. he told her he wanted to sleep with her. and used very graphic sexual motions with his steps. porter face. she says griffin threw water bottles at her as she laughs. the comedian spokeswoman told the media he was doing his job in making the audience laugh all races and religions genders and stereotypes are considered equal on stage and all open for material. berkeley comedian johnny still isn't taking science but warns audiences to be ready for anything. >>> comedy clubs like beaches in that every be to extend a similar but they're not. he was to me this beach and you slurp down into the riptide. t
shows us the tool that pinpoints the trouble areas from police elizabeth. deadweight is live show behind me has been going strong for the past hour or so when clearly this is a spot to see from that is 500 cars so. fireworks are 100% illegal in oakland. so they're all illegal. police say they're stepping up patrols this year and the show isn't slowing down. dissuades the vaughn walker doesn't have to go far. is very beautiful especially if you live in oakland hills. live in a certain point. he could get a good look over the city is just beautiful. once the sun sets this city eliminated. >>> it is expensive to was a different color the fireworks. but there's a catch like most cities across the bay area fireworks are illegal in oakland. into this year law enforcement is stepping up their patrols. by using something normally used to pinpoint gunfire. this has the ability to determine whether the shots fired are from a gun or from fireworks. they're being used in richmond east paul also an oakland last night the system had 140 activation of fireworks and salvatore gunshots in the fourth hal
or more. it used to making reservations for hotels what was said he spotted the er? it's what one their hospitals offer his patients. the emergency waiting room that is the crossroads of madison and frustration. so your experience e r way * are long and painful and boring. san ramon regional medical centers average wait time is 45 minutes not bad considering the national averages four hours but now they're the first in the bay area to try to ease the waves with the online reservation web tool called a and quicker be guaranteed as to when you come they you are given a patient room within 15 minutes. their main web site shows lively times it's too long you can reserve a spot using in a quicker koses 99 if he can't get in within 50 minutes of your reservation it will refund the money. the equates what is convenient for people because if they have discovered the not feeling well but they're not really in a life-threatening situation and they can say in hamas and then watch tv whenever the ontario and then come in when it's convenient for them as soon as the book is after refuse the re
back the fight over a new cigarette tax is 8 30 sending july 15th thanks for joining us this morning. >>> a lot of news to cover in the next half hour and one of the stars will be here the chairman of the california republican party party who will answer that question. >>> also talking about a plan to take to the voters the issue of setting training of the reservoir with a lot coming up but first breaking news. >>> police and the rest of the suspect in connection with the shooting in a carjacking last night. >>> investigators say that the 22 cult storage ring after you stop and suspicion of driving a stolen car police returned fire locally known was injured its new video of last its crime scene officer say he stole another car at gunpoint from a nearby apartment complex on cambridge drive and that he eventually abandoned the vehicle and escaped a police search on foot. at around 7:00 this morning authorities took a man into custody related to the shooting they could not confirm whether or not it was him with more details as they become available. >>> a firefight is heating up in
in colorado and summer taking advantage of evacuated homes. thanks for joining us this morning. >>> a lot of news to cover in the next hour work everything from high speed rail into the questions about internet privacy and questions of stop and frisk and comes to san francisco the lot of controversy bring about a discussion the mayor had about that and several new law's clinic in effect today. >>> but first friends of the missing dodgers fan a man falling into the bay area are reaching out to the public to help. >>> they're trying to find closure of for his loved ones. the left at&t park after the giants and dodgers came on monday night and they're walking near pier 30 and 32 when he vanished. there's thought he may have fallen into the date he had been drinking and cannot swim in the official search found nothing and it was called off on tuesday. >>> for our friends and family it's been very rough but we've been trying to stay strong and pull together and the outer to support his family. a can even imagine what they're going through this point. >>> the hand out fliers and hard about
community. admit that jewish film festival's new director telling us what plane for your 32 opening this week. off >>> well done today area focus. any winning news anchor has been telling people stories in keeping us informed on that date area for over 40 years of numerous awards for her work and cutting her own story a candid blocked a cancer treatment to survival. from that came a nonprofit group that she started to decrease mortality in the latino community. welcome back assault always a pleasure. predraft asking first of all how are you doing? >>> i'm fine at the click most people in the world sutter multitasking your always a little tired a little racing too fast but compared to 14 years ago when i was diagnosed with cancer and who lost any of my energy that's the one thing i say praise be to because to have the energy back into below to abuse it is a great privilege. >>> i have to say and shared with people that i went there breast cancer the last year so and you were an inspiration to me because i thought if she can get on the air and be on the air every saturday and sunda
to shut down a wide u.s. attorneys and the owners with jill time. >>> voting rights to the heart of a new legal challenge the debate over the photo id requirements at polling locations. thanks for joining us this morning. >>> welcome to the c. w. network with a lot of news to cover the next hour but first of developing new story. >>> an amber alert in effect right now for a teenage girl from monterey county. she's from san are no 16 years old or working and getting a picture of her right now but we know she's five-foot five with 1 1/3 pounds and last seen wearing a blue and white shirt pink jacket the jeans and sandals. the suspect is what miguel salazar jr. one of 55 ft. 8 in normally wears eyeglasses and of looking for a blue chevy tahoe with a license plate number of six and w 54124. >>> new questions about party bus safety following a deadly accident in santa clara county. >>> and the 25 aluminum fell out of the bus and got run over and died in lost status on friday as the bus was headed south on highway 17. the people returning to santa cruz from a concert in mountain view. two w
were shots. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history and it looks like that was only part of the plan. the carefully timed diversion to lure police was in new details about the suspects california connection and exclusive interview with the theater manager who put people on the freezer to help them survive. dear waves at this time last night hundreds of people were lining up to see the new batman movie in aurora colorado by a lot of other towns hours later they were in a mess of a bloody massacre and its nice police are trying to figure out how to safely enter the booby trap departments of the man they say when don that deadly shooting spree in sad that theater. and here's the latest 12 people have died and another 70 were hurt most of the shots others were injured in the chaos 11 victims remain in critical condition. one of the injured his recent years the visegrad patrick anderson she was shot multiple times shares and bonds surgery and is recovering tonight. and we're hearing from the manager of the movie theater. we deceive you go running in my first instinct was the summers dave
drug intended to reduce the risk of hiv infection reporter and as with the tells us at this decision could open new doors for prevention. >>> it is something that is always on on her mind. >>> from the time i can now my family's been very supportive life amount this day to be really scared. that was in my head. he admits his behavior was often risky. >>> i have many partners i don't have one consistent monogamist primary partner and to find out about that. but as an hiv kirchner's he is adamant that using protection over a year-and-a-half ago he added another tool to keep him hiv negative. a daily pill called to live for combating the infection and hopefully decrease infection rates. he started to but nevada's but a clinical trial today the fda gave the drug its official stamp of approval. james won the of the san francisco aids foundation things the fda's approval of the first drug to prevent hiv and aids will lead to more testing and access to hiv prevention. to about will not and a chevy by itself. and we can 8 and 87 without it. in and recombine to vita with all the other prev
will be forced to close. cases is used to fighting an uphill battles. the same day he emigrated to the bay area from mexico he was hit by a bus and lost the use of his legs. the format since since i got back to school on i realize that the summit is. he has james of transferring to university engineering religion but needs one more year at city college. since he came to a packed town hall meeting to support ccs of such efforts to stay open after the commission essentially gave them enough for the way they do business the potential for closure is there. this chancellor was brought in to help the school get back on track but she had no idea the challenges she was facing when she stepped in. the equates we need to worry because they outlined 14 recommendations that they want us to address john rizzo is the president of the board of trustees he says the crisis has been a long time coming he doesn't think the school will close but it will have to shift its priorities. we've been focusing on keeping koses open. he sues is worried about the future for his fellow students. among the changes they met th
79 status reporter kiddo tells us police know that there are witnesses but no one wants to talk. she said there were drugs going on. >>> reported the monday session is meant to be there seconds after an intentional and it tumbled out the door of a party bus and then was run over and killed a the same bus. roberta's of the victim's boyfriend who was willing in tears. degrees when i had gone on to him was happened so fast. n. sea in said she is dead is dead. the chp says is fighting with a 20 year- old woman on board with both sellout a side door. they covered cuts and bruises and confess they been doing more than drinking. chia said my daughter they were on cocaine and is molly i think it's ecstasy. did waves is a kerosene. talking 10 + people if you're the passenger's ashley fled the scene and tried to hide in the bushes the case is the highest priority for the office the problem is no one is talking. did least able to run the bus know exactly what happened so let's another story ends since then not giving us their story is hard for is that the pieces together. we can freeze the com
on public transportation in the bay area. a major win for santa's head it is getting a u.s. patent office when a man's for silicon valley high-tech companies the san jose mayor making changes with pension reform other cities looking to follow his footsteps with that a legal fight. i'm ann notorangelo thousands of commuters notice a difference tomorrow bart fares when up roughly and nicole for a typical one way ride in the passes will tossed cost to dollars more for adults and their service increased by 5 percent one way on caltrans cost 25¢ more. the day ticket 1 up 50¢. there's a new protocol for me and riders don knapp explains >>> if it weren't for that need to collect fares it would be simple to get people off and on the buses that it's up to come to a stop and open all the doors, in fact today muni began doing that and they figured out how to collect fares. starting now passengers can board all of san francisco as buses and light rail vehicles by any door if they have a clipper card or prepaid fare device san francisco the first city in the nation to try this. >>> we think it is a
once they become sober they will be more cooperative and tell us what happened >>> c h p officers cannot interview all passengers on the bus after the accident some passengers got off the bus and ran away. the second woman in the argument was 20 years old and under the legal drinking age c h p does not know if there were under age drinkers but that is part of the investigation. >>> that cut that involve the driver it could have swerved and everyone could have been killed. >>> cherry hill proposes legislation to put restrictions on party bosses. >>> these are vehicles designed for alcohol and parties there needs to be controlled. >>> no charges have been filed in the accident. lisa washington cbs 5 >>> and 8 year-old girl and 22 year-old man injured and they point their inside a home on franklin avenue a car stopped in front of the house a man stepped out and fired two rounds into the house he then got back into the car and sped away witnesses described the car as a black honda sedan. injuries are not life- threatening. police have found the vehicle used by a suspect in a double ho
reporter kiddos shows us how they're skirting the law and how animal rights groups retaliating. >>> chez t.j. aaron dunn this is their interpretation of the loss is the beginning of the fog got away for free and this is that having to cross a picket line in order to make is that much better. fog rolla's and nearly two weeks ago but i say t.j. in mountain view there is serving a bluecoat loopholes and controversy. >>> the law says you cannot sell its didn't say you cannot service. the stockpiles the duck liver before the ban and charge customers 15 to $25 per serving but recently they have been giving away with their hundred $30 tasting menu. >>> is this legal? >>> the law clearly states that selling and producing far cry and said california is a legal and as the ducks are prop. it's not on the menu not selling is not the profit from the fog roth and simply giving away as a guest from me. dirichlet's about two dozen protesters showed up at dinner time holding graphic pictures monday police have responded to complaints and the humane society in a local resident s.a.t. day was breaking the
kiet do learn shows us the first step toward image repair. pusey's new ad campaign starts off with a high-level from their new ceo. is it fair to say that this is saying that pg&e is not perfect? did waves have said that we take full responsibility. for the tragedy. dirichlet's a spokesperson says they wanted to hear more about their pipeline safety efforts. at the end of the day this is about letting our customers know the progress that we're getting and the goals that we have to make us among the most safe and reliable systems in the country the new spot comes a month before pg&e faces lawsuits over whether not they should pay punitive damages for the blast in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the company says the ad was paid for shareholder money now by customers in some eyes they're trying to influence the jury pool pr. it takes many months to plan an outreach program like this. answer there's been no motive to do anything of the source. >>> surely repair their image of the pipes. get their system up to speed get their systems so it's safe and the
were unable to communicate with each other were up to 30 minutes csi reporter kristin harris tells us now police say it is time for the city to cut its losses. as president of obama's at this stage of the fox theater no plans with the world watching oakland police or quietly scrambling by melt down. when the three antennas after police stopped working. with lifeline'' cut off in the midst of a matter of national security. more than a year after the city installed its $18 million radius system followed by a great actor upgrade oakland's police force is played with an embarrassing and potentially dangerous case of radio russian roulette. she don't know when or where it's going to not work. an independent report commissioned by the city which cannot last week chronicles a laundry list of odd glitches with the system for coverage in the foothills and inside buildings coverage that appears to or better out of oakland and then inside and an inability to transmits when officers sirenas on. >>> at no time was the radio system completely down. but city officials downplay the debacle at the pr
tomorrow, in a lot not seen anywhere else used car dealers need to flag salvaged vehicles as junk also knows getting tattoos and body piercing is will be protected by new safety procedures. it will cost you more to read part tomorrow affair increase of 1% into a fat, that is about an extra nickel for a typical community. it is the last of four scheduled hikes that began in 2006 muni begins telling bus riders to board in the back that is designed to speed up the boarding process. she wanted to go backward not afford a woman crashed her car into an ice-cream store in concord it happened at a baskin- robbins on oak grove road it brought back memories of a recent deadly accident down the street. >>> an understandable reaction for this concord shopper saturday morning a toyota camry driven by this woman crashed into a baskin-robbins. >>> these things happened they will hit the accelerator instead of the break as they park this is the result >>> police say the store was not yet open for business but an employee inside suffered minor injuries, when the car struck a counter. >>> neighbors are
marijuana dispensary is are going of cash because of a federal crackdown and as kristin harris tells us pot advocates say the underlying danger is not being addressed. she stopped by her banker before hitting her san francisco medical marijuana planet today is really just a hassle. a dispensary the vaporing claims it was forced to go cash only this week saying to customers on the facebook page due to increasing federal pressure visa and mastercard are now refusing to accept your credit card charges. other business is effectively forced to be cash only against their will this bring and last october california's four attorneys general announcing medical marijuana crack down. this is not another threat is an clear that their federal the fingerprints on his credit card cut off and visa did not return calls asking for comment but americans believe without a doubt is the work of the government. >>> it's our view that the federal government puts pressure on whether it is director indirect there are ways around cash in on the conundrum dispenser is reportedly this all atm machines other apps are u
and strengthening its base has been a battle. there's no doubt that they face challenges for us in the state of parts because our voters are moving out. a public and politicians are the ones that are moving they took off to taxes according to the washington times reports citing high taxes. >>> saddam lead in the republican party. and on his youtube channel seventy in fletcher announced the move to promote public into independence. democrats blame may increasingly agenda. did we this is where the grass roots effort needs to say pow and party support and if they have no money to when to give them the potential of having two- thirds of the houses. in dissent the assembly and the governorship and nearly 11% in the community. he says it is all a matter of control in the state gop's message and attracting more multi-cultural falling. in oakland kristen there's cbs five. >>> is not just the state gop that is being scrutinized this and is a mercury news reports california has more than $2 billion in public funds hiding in plain sight. the state department of finance says is a multi-billion dollar
by me some hikers and cyclists to clear cbs five reporter kristin harris tells us why the situation is turning serious. >>> security guards theater young says it happened in the blink of a night. >>> the der kamp first and jumps the fense and it was too nice but. >>> all in need now is the mountain lions that are right behind them. too little fledgling cubs. he minded. like something at national geographic specials at in kenya where young quest grew up hunting big cats. did ways probability is that the kids grabbed a small adults and off they go. this is not east africa but far from it. >>> i was a little bit shocked to see them on the uc campus. near fees from our young cuesta security guard patrols and electrical switching station at cal berkeley overnights he thought that close encounter would be his last. buttermilk kruger said of one week later. >>> if it makes me worry because we're food to. any campus is likely the most dangerous and we'll see students say there spivs. the waves at probably run away really fast. >>> my dad always told me that i'm not supposed to run ms
is not accused of being responsible for the assault instead as a serious fire reporter lynn mayor is shows us the charges stem from something investigators say that the principal failed to do. >>> for neighbor had parents still upset over the alleged molestation of five students adobe whaley elementary school by their teacher craig chandler the arrest today of the school principal for failing to report the crime to police was yet another shock. >>> against the limits to fall on someone. advanced sees the fall guy. the district attorney's office has issued an arrest warrant for a principal in vj engen seen here in about zero offering irvington page. >>> october 2011 it parents and ultimately a student came forward and reported to them specific information that we believe what cause any reasonable person her in her position soon that an active child abuse had occurred and she did nothing with that information. but the principles attorney said that a statement that read some parts the child's parents and school districts who are all aware of the teachers' contracts had no way of knowing that
on the sunday morning talk circuit proponents look for leadership and, grace lee shows us the presidential candidates seem reluctant to way and >>> time for this country to do something that is the job of the president >>> on face the nation mayor bloomberg called out the president and candidate mitt romney he says they need to take action >>> time i think we hold them accountable you want our votes what are you going to do >>> both candidates have offered their sympathy, >>> such violence and evil senseless >>> our hearts break with the sadness of this tragedy >>> neither have gone into detail about the second amendment a uc-berkeley professor at the institute of governmental studies said romney and obama have been moderate on gun-control. >>> as the massachusetts governor he was moderate and supported actions to restrain gun ownership and use. president obama as far as the traditional democratic approach to gun regulation probably a disappointment to gun control advocates he has been among the most modern perhaps conservative on this. >>> there maybe political pressure calling on gun-con
are the biggest expenses? >>> personnel in the and basically but you mentioned that i like the fact used to turn group term reprieve because we did dodge a bullet to couple of weeks ago the governor signed a budget that little bit of money back in the state parks this a little bit for a statewide nonprofit to regain out over 27 grants to about 29 parks to the tune of zero hundred and $50,000 to other non profits in the field trying to enter into operating agreements with in the state. but all sounds fantastic but it is very temporary. bust ever grants are for about a year and even then some of the parks will be kept open only a couple of days and weeks but were facing another round of closures and a year and less to find a long-term solution. greta that come under said the idea he was going to save $22 million a year. and yet a red parks generate $6 billion yearly. >>> everything going into and around a park the state this study that found people spend an average $43 per visit which does it sound like a lot until you realize his return 50 and 60 million visits a year the state parks are a huge
they know when and what is being called the largest shooting in u.s. history tomorrow a vigil held and it is for the community as well as local officials live in aurora and teresa garcia >>> president obama expected in aurora aquino when he plans to do there? >>> actually coming here specifically stopping to visit the victims and families he is not going to the vigil we mentioned that happens tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. local time he will meet with them personally a private affair and continue on to san francisco he is not doing a stopover but stand for a little while >>> hundreds gathered this evening in our to remember those who were killed their release purple balloons and a local high school field coupled with a moment of silence. one of many vigils held across the city. we have more on the lives of those who died some sacrificed everything to protect loved ones and barry pederson talked with friends and families of the victims >>> alex sullivan had much to celebrate on this 27 birthday a one-year wedding anniversary and he tweeted " oh man when howard until the movie and best birthd
the top of the mountain. he did this and all of use all over northern california and southern oregon because it's less crowded camps antoninus jammed with a nice new cabins their the place to be so quick kings canyon national park. especially kings canyon is one of the great underslung wonders of the west the kings canyon itself is fully spectacular as yosemite valley and doesn't get the use and that the visitation that if somebody does. >>> for people who want to camp out or have family that wants to anyplace that you recommend. >>> abbott say the couple clinton mentioned would be good for that and you somebody isn't that if you get out of the valley. you can usually find camping spots but closer in lots of quick places in the bay area we can't get tough but the cemetery county coast and the big basin and santa cruz is wonderful. so lots of good places one area were featured in our august issue near quincy phenomenal area for camping which is ridiculous and it's less crowded. >>> thanks for joining us it's always fun in the book is a sunset magazine and a belief that copy is the
kids specifically is convinced that the return shooters because it didn't occur to any of us that the boats are coming from the walls. >>> the rat of the theater with the wounded young man who performed an incredibly selfless act. >>> he started waving the paramedics and punch to the more injured victims so he waited for a while for ambulance and the rest of the kids got in there to cars and out of their before the police cornered off so they got back to the hotel by about 1245 which is weighted in the lobby into the kids got there and by that time they were all crying and shaking and we were all crying and shaking and the hotel was just wonderful. >>> people keep saying how lucky she is. >>> i feel grateful that my daughter is safe and if you guilty in weird because there are some the other parents who are grieving reno. >>> her family asking the obvious question she has a not so obvious answer clear my family to do coming home and said no and no one not going to give him the power to take that away from us so were renting a car tomorrow and driving into the rockies and
. get those shows us the red surprised just about everyone would've think? >>> i think jack. well linz's mom said it well. healing begins right now. dirichlet's it's wonderful. his thrills. moments before is the jury read the not guilty verdicts will then smiled ever so slightly he admitted on the stands a beating father jerry lee therefrom decades ago and thought for sure he was going to jail. do police and to the shocked because i thought that was going to end up being guilty of something and possibly going to jails i'm happy not to be going to jail and i'm definitely happy that this the jury had their virginity to make a difference here. >>> they tried to force him to sign a confession for molesting him as a seven year-old boy and forcing him to perform oral sex to december brother. he says he beat him the same way that he did years ago he apparently perjure himself by tonight denying any wrongdoing despite a mountain of evidence. the jury was told to forget the priest testimony with the verdict was clear that's not justice within a lot. that's revenge. in this as the district atto
us that charge would peak during rush hour. >>> apostles all of the bay area. >>> seneca and the fix for free. though it tries to a dime for every mile traveled. >>> the average general tax about $1,300. they are already gas taxes and vehicle license fees the new one will be called the vehicle miles traveled or of the anti-tax. >>> whether or not we do with a gas tax or sales tax or a vehicle miles traveled fees something something would they need to be done or we can watch these roads turned to gravel roads. it's a tough plan to sell some type of mileage charge her with have to be installed in cars and inspected by officials. i don't like to increase taxes. and the transponder a thing that's like invading your privacy. the new transponder would pay to improve truck public transportation the tax could also discourage people from driving reducing traffic and pollution. actually i think it's kind of unfair. i think people should be able to commute the way they need to i'm a bicyclist then motorists though that seems extreme to me. the bay area is car center estimated the
walk the focus not just on money john ramos tells us the goal is awareness especially for new generation. >>> it is important we bring people's memory along. >>> a small fragment of the aids quilt overlooks sharon medal in golden gate park a reminder of the 20,000 who joined a walk and why they are here those who greeted the panel's need no reminding. >>> how things work and how scary it was in the early days no one knew who would be next that is hard to translate to the younger people. >>> a lot of the one around 30 years ago but your here to learn and participate in something vital. >>> in the '80s aids considered a death sentence but medical advancements have transformed it to a manageable disease, it has fallen off the headlines and that may have an undesired effect on young generation. >>> my generation is nonchalant about things. >>> to kids your age take it seriously? >>> but not everyone some see it as a joke. >>> this aids walk raised nearly $2.7 million organizers said the walk not just about raising money but also awareness and know the importance of keeping this ge
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